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Born and raised in Montreal, Québec, Johanne's interest towards music and acting starts at a very young age when at only 6 years old, she is awarded the lead in the school play "The Little Red Riding Hood".

At 14, she makes it to the top 10 finalists of a personality contest organized by the French Quebecer magazine, "Filles d'Aujourd'Hui" . In High School, she joins the Improv & Theater group which will keep her creativity and performance needs in shape. After graduating, she takes a break from acting and complete a 2 year pre-university program at Collège St-Laurent in Social Sciences. She follows with 4 years in Special Education for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing at the Université du Québec à Montréal. After years of being away from acting, she joins the popular Montreal's acting school Les Ateliers Danielle Fichaud with renowned actress-writer-director-teacher Danielle Fichaud.

The next 4 years at Fichaud's studio will change her life; she gets to learn and work on her craft in depth. It will open the door to her first commercial for Musique Plus, Quebec's French version of MuchMusic. Her resume and head shot in hands, she then shows up at Match TV production office and gets the attention of writer-director Louis Saia (Les Voisins, Le Sphinx, Les Boys), who casts her as the waitress, a recurring role, on his hit-sitcom "Histoires De Filles". Johanne credits the show as a blessing being a "(...) real learning opportunity being on set with professional actors and performing in front of a live audience".

In between filming, she works as a fit-in model for the clothing company "Rampage" and as a model for the famous Montreal's "Harley Davidson Show". She participates as a semi-finalist on the personality contest "Miss Personalité", appearing in front of an impressive panel of judges made of members from the television and fashion industry.

Since then, Johanne Marie has had the privilege of working on multiple projects and expressing her love for music by working with local music artists in both Canada and the US.


L’Heure Bleue Anne De Léan/Prod.de L’Ardoise IV Eric’s friend (3 e rôle parlant)

Histoires de Filles (Sitcom) Louis Saia/Match TV Waitress (Recurring)

Closing Time (Sitcom) Sam Nashag/Mitts Media Sophia (Recurring)

Compromised (Pilot) Christopher Stadulis/Tilted Barn FBI Agent #4 (Recurring)


Stopped Dead (video) Jason L. Liquori/Hocus Focus Prod. Deputy Finnegan (Supporting)

Improbable (video) Louis Grimaldo/Muckraker Prod. Denise (Lead)

The Chip (short) Alex Decosmo/SSFF Marla (Lead)

Faith (short) Joe Sanchez/Stand as One Destiny (Lead)

Le Match Parfait (short) Carl Tousignant/Prouesse Charlène (Lead)

Behind Closed Doors (short) Sam Francisco/Just the Spinach Mrs. Davis (Supporting)*Cannes

Borderline (short) Alexia Jordan/Nine Dot Puzzle Prod. Karen (Supporting)*Cannes

Grey’s Hour (short) Blake Cortes/Streetlight22Films Loni/Dr. Melendez (Supporting)

Botany (short) Daniel Breton/Trebas Institute Florist (Supporting)


Colorado Lottery Spot, Colorado *principal

MusiMax, Montréal *principal

TGIF Restaurant, Colorado

Publix Supermarket, Florida


Baby and the Bathwater PSW Theater Company, FL Helen

Beyond Therapy PSW Theater Company, FL Prudence

Extremities PSW Theater Company, FL Marjorie

Dade City History Dade City Trolley Tour, FL Lola Gasque/Anna

Eight Women Durocher Theater, QC Louise

Zone Durocher Theater, QC Ciboulette


Acting/Audition/Soap Opera Danielle Fichaud, Montreal Les Ateliers Danielle Fichaud (4 years)

Uta Hagen Process Marc Durso, Miami Act True (on going)

Standard American English Sam Chwat, NY NY Speech Improvement Services


Language: Fluent in French and English. Some knowledge of Spanish and Sign Language

Dialects: French accent, Quebecois, Southern

Other skills: Singing (alto), drawing/painting, sewing, photography, driving (standard/automatic)

*Can legally work in Canada and US *Valid Passport *IMDb: imdb.me/JMarie

  • Nom : Johanne Marie
  • Grandeur : 5'8''
  • Poids : 175 lbs
  • Couleur des cheveux : Bruns
  • Couleur des yeux : Bruns
  • Union : SAG-Aftra et S-UDA
  • Permis de conduire : Oui, Manuel, Automatique
  • Langue parlée : Bilingue, français anglais
  • Catégorie : Acteur / Actrice
  • Âge caméra : 35-45
  • Passeport : Canadien, American