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Courriel: info@agencemyrtho.com
Courriel: agencemm@gmail.com
Permis de conduire
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Sarwa Abed Niveau 2 Productions

Confess Max MadViews Productions

The Trade Desk Rom Com Male Sequoia Content

The Scandal Xavier Latore Entertainment

For You The Prosecutor Red Infinity Productions

Demo Scene Workshop 1 Real Estate Agent M.C.C Chicago Casting

Demo Scene Workshop 2 Detective 2 M.C.C Chicago Casting

Sarwa Jad Niveau 2 Productions


Montreal Adam Kelly Morton Intro To Acting

Montreal Adam Kelly Morton Intermediate Acting

Montreal Adam Kelly Morton Advanced Acting

Montreal Hélène Rousse Voice Acting

Montreal Pascal Langdale Intro to Mocap

Montreal Pascal Langdale Heroes and Monsters 1

Montreal Jock MacDonald & Isabel Lehoux Straeon Studios

Accents: Standard Canadian, British, Russian, Southern, Indian, Standard American, South

American, any others on request.

Dialects: Standard Canadian, Standard American, any others on request.

Languages: English, French, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi.

Sports: former basketball professional, intermediate badminton, weight training/bodybuilding,

jogging, miniature golf, cycling, driving, novice bowling, hiking, ping pong, rock

climbing, boxing, football, baseball, golf, all racket sports, pool, and darts.

Additional: Improvisation, voice impersonation, sports commentator/play-by-play announcer, video games, English tutor.

  • Nom : Subhan Aref
  • Grandeur : 5'9''
  • Poids : 128lbs
  • Couleur des cheveux : Noirs
  • Couleur des yeux : Noirs
  • Union : NON UNION
  • Permis de conduire : Oui, Automatique
  • Langue parlée : Anglais, Français, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi
  • Catégorie : Acteur / Actrice
  • Âge caméra : 20-25
  • Passeport : Canadien